XII 2018


My goal for our 2018 XII film is to convey a feeling of darkness and isolation associated with the false reality caused by our addiction to technology and media. The idea is that we can be tricked into having an amazing, transcending experience through something like VR while the reality of our actual surroundings is bleak as hell. What do we do when we're faced with that true reality? What does our life look like without VR? Without our phones or social media... Do we actually have meaningful relationships? Are those we associate with bringing us closer to Jesus? When we look at our surroundings and are confronted with our reality, are we where we want to be? And if not do we do anything about it?

My working title for this film is NARRATIVE which is inspired by the show West World. The premise of the show is about artificially intelligent robots confronting the reality of what they are. Their entire existence has been a farce and they've been awakened to change their reality. Throughout the entire first season there is talk of a new "Narrative" that the creator of the park is working on. This new narrative will ultimately be the catalyst for the robots to be reborn as nearly human, fully intelligent beings.

The idea of every human having a "Narrative" has many implications in our spiritual journey. I see this playing out through several scenes of intense visuals. Scenes that aren't just meant to be visually stimulating but actually communicate a powerful truth and tell a story that stimulates the soul of the viewer as well. 

In my mind it's voiceover driven with a very robotic sounding voice that throughout the duration of the film begins to sound more human (that could change). The feeling of the VO starts as an almost incoherent computer readout of code and "attributes".


  • What's your narrative?
  • What defines our humanity?
  • Where do you belong?

It's time to escape the narrative that culture has written for us and discover that which God has written on our hearts. We each have our own unique, beautiful, colorful story; and through the power of the Holy Spirit we can overcome culture's demands and influence. We can discover our true narrative.


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